International Telecommunications Policy Review Volume 24, Number 4, 2017
Cooperation between Academic Researchers and Firms in Technical Innovation
Heechul Min and Insuk Cheong
pages 1-28 [Abstract] [full text]
Factors Influencing UsersĄŻ Intentions to Use VOD or Real Time Broadcasting of OTT Service
Donghun Chung and Sukhyuh Cho
pages 29-64 [Abstract] [full text]
Corporate Governance and Innovation under Demand Uncertainty: A Panel Study of Korean Firms
Vladimir Hlasny and Minsu Cho
pages 65-115 [Abstract] [full text]
A Critical Review of the Validity of How the Approval System for General Programming Channels is Applied
Yeong Ju Lee and Hye Sun Shin
pages 117-148 [Abstract] [full text]