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Aims and Scope

International Telecommunications Policy Review Mission Statement

International Telecommunications Policy Review (ITPR) is committed to advancing theory, research and practice in the field of broadcasting and telecommunications. The journal places particular emphasis on the interrelationships among socioeconomic, technological, legal, regulatory, competitive, organizational, and policy dimensions of the issues it addresses. ITPR achieves its goals by providing forums where academic, business, and government researchers as well as industry practitioners, policy makers and consultants present and discuss research results. ITPR also disseminates research results and news to its members and to the general public via traditional and electronic means and the ITPR Web site, http://www.itpr.or.kr/home/eng/journal/.

The mission of the International Telecommunications Policy Review is to publish new theoretical insights that advance our understanding of the changing roles of broadcasting and telecommunications in the economy and society. ITPR publishes the best available scholarship on all aspects of communication including research on journalism, economics and management that illuminate the field of broadcasting, telecommunications and Information Technology. Encompassing issues of both theory, policies, strategies and practice the Journal encourages submissions reflecting the insights of diverse disciplinary perspectives and research methodologies, both empirical and theoretical. All empirical methods -- including, but not limited to, qualitative, quantitative and combination methods -- are welcome. Its scope includes issues of telecom reform at national, regional and international levels. Articles that use rich, detailed accounts of information, Reviews, syntheses, and meta-analyses of prior research are also welcome, as are proposals for special issues.