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Call for Papers
Special Issue
Building the Mobile Broadband Ecosystem: Prospects, Challenges, and Opportunities

International Telecommunications Policy Review (ITPR) will publish a special issue under the topic of “Building the Mobile Broadband Ecosystem: Prospects, Challenges, and Opportunities.”

Mobile broadband is an increasingly important component of the communications infrastructure with potentially far-reaching implications for innovations that will transform work and private life. In the mobile broadband ecosystem, innovations in the network infrastructure and in applications and services are highly interdependent. The overall performance and innovation dynamics of the system is not fully understood.

Does the co-existence of more open innovation systems such as Android with walled garden approaches such as iOS accelerate or slow down innovation? What impacts do spectrum policy, regulation, competition policy, and promotional measures have? How does the mobile related to fixed broadband? What can be learned from comparative analyses of the experience in different countries?

To explore these and related topics, we invite submissions from diverse perspectives and methodologies, including social sciences, economics, business, communications, and law. Insightful and analytically rigorous results based on innovative theoretical and empirical approaches are encouraged, while analyses of policies and regulations affecting the mobile broadband ecosystem are also welcome.

Potential topics of interest include but are not limited to the following:
  • Future of the mobile industry
  • Spectrum policy
  • Regulatory and other policies
  • Public and private investments in mobile infrastructure
  • Competitive interactions between fixed and mobile broadband
  • Wireless network neutrality and bandwidth management
  • Business strategies of mobile platform players
  • Mobile broadband and innovation
  • Innovative pricing models for mobile broadband
  • Mobile broadband demand
  • Openness and cooperation between mobile ecosystem partners
  • Mobile M2M and the internet of things
  • Effects on media and content industries
  • Mobile social media and its impacts
  • Mobile digital divides
  • Mobile privacy
  • Mobile information security

Important Dates
Submission deadline:January 31, 2015
Notification to Authors:April 1, 2015
Final edited version due:May 15, 2015
Issue published:June, 2015

Papers should follow the standard guidelines of ITPR and be submitted online at www.itpr.or.kr.