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International Telecommunications Policy Review Volume 28, Number 3, 2021
The Proliferation of OTT Services, ISPs' Revenue Model,and Sustainable Internet Ecosystems
Jeong Ho Kwak and Seung Yong Nam
pages 1-20 [Abstract] [full text]
The Sales and General Administration Cost Behavior of ICT Venture Firms in Korea
Hoon Jung
pages 21-39 [Abstract] [full text]
Managerial Ability and Financial Outcomes of R&D Spending at Korean High-Technology Firms
Hyunjin Oh
pages 41-63 [Abstract] [full text]
Consumer Preferences for Data Portability on Digital Platforms: An Empirical Analysis
Jiyeon Jung, Yoonmo Koo and Yuri Park
pages 65-85 [Abstract] [full text]