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International Telecommunications Policy Review Volume 27, Number 2, 2020
Users’ Understanding of the Concept of Personal Information
Hanbyul Choi, Yoonhyuk Jung and Young Nam
pages 1-38 [Abstract] [full text]
Estimation of Spectrum Reassignment Charges Based on
Jeong Ho Kwak and Ji Yeon Cho
pages 39-62 [Abstract] [full text]
Regulatory Issues of Blockchain Technologies Commercialization:A Case Study of Busan Blockchain Regulation-Free Special Zones
Minho KIM and Jae Won Kang
pages 63-86 [Abstract] [full text]
The Long-Run Implications of Network Effects and Learning by Doing in a Digital Economy: A Note
Dong Ju Kim
pages 87-97 [Abstract] [full text]