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International Telecommunications Policy Review Volume 29, Number 2, 2022
European Commission Control of State Aid to Public Service Broadcasting
Hyung-Cheol Kang
pages 1-33 [Abstract] [full text]
An Exploration of Dynamic Changes in the Privacy Paradox Phenomenon: Focusing on Social Media Use and Privacy Concerns
Heungseok Koh
pages 35-72 [Abstract] [full text]
Economic Impact of the Spectrum Industry in the 5G Era
Taehan Kim and Hee Sub Byun
pages 73-110 [Abstract] [full text]
A Study on the Bias and Regulation of AI Algorithm
Seunghyun Kim, Siwon Kim and Jungmihn J Ahn
pages 111-144 [Abstract] [full text]
A Study of the Factors Influencing Usage Intentions toward SVOD OTT Services among Non-users: Mediating Effect of Innovation Resistance
Seo-Hyun Jung and Joo-Yeun Park
pages 145-176 [Abstract] [full text]
The effect of YouTube’s personalization algorithm on perceptions of disinformation experiences
Jooseong Hwang
pages 177-213 [Abstract] [full text]