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International Telecommunications Policy Review Volume 27, Number 3, 2020
An Exploration into Factors Affecting Users’ Satisfaction and Intention to Continue Using KakaoTalk Channel:
Mi-Hee Lim and Yeong Seon Kang
pages 1-32 [Abstract] [full text]
MyData from the Perspective of the Nordic Model: Issues and Lessons
Han Young Lie
pages 33-64 [Abstract] [full text]
Improved Estimation Method for Spectrum Reassignment Charges Reflecting Revenue Contribution
Chanwoo Cho, Seong-Jun Lee and Jieun Yu
pages 65-92 [Abstract] [full text]
Longitudinal Relationship between Information Privacy Concerns and SNS Usage Behaviors
Ho-Yeol, Yoon, Minho KIM, Bora, Lee and Sang Ok, Choi
pages 93-119 [Abstract] [full text]