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International Telecommunications Policy Review Volume 25, Number 2, 2018
Do Chaebol Companies Achieve Better Performance in Their R&D Investment?
Sewon Kwon, Bum-Joon Kim, Sera Choi and Moony Lee
pages 1-32 [Abstract] [full text]
Privacy Concerns and SNS Activities: Focusing on the Validity and Explanations of the Existence of a Privacy Paradox
Ilsoon Shin and Hyun Soo Kim
pages 33-67 [Abstract] [full text]
A Study of the Determinants of the Scope of R&D Projects Using Clustering and DEA
Jungeun Kwon, Namsik Chang and Boreum Choi
pages 69-97 [Abstract] [full text]
The Characteristics of the Korean Movie Industry: Movie-going Demand Estimation
Choong Han Yoon and Jeong Min Hong
pages 99-122 [Abstract] [full text]