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International Telecommunications Policy Review Volume 25, Number 3, 2018
Industry Growth, Productivity and the Role of ICT & Innovative Assets in Korea before and after the Great Recession
Hyun-Joon Jung
pages 1-41 [Abstract] [full text]
User-Selected Optimal Volume of Mobile Service, and Welfare Effects of Handset-Service Tying in Various Market Structures
Sangkyu Rhee
pages 43-68 [Abstract] [full text]
The Welfare Effects of Radio Broadcasting Considering the Value of Time Use
Sangkyu Byun
pages 69-94 [Abstract] [full text]
What Creates the Digital Divide? Costs or Benefits of Internet Use
Onjung Choi and Hyunbae Chun
pages 95-122 [Abstract] [full text]
An Empirical Analysis of the Determinants of VOD Viewing on IPTV
Jong Hee Lee, Jee Hyung Jo and Shin Cho
pages 123-156 [Abstract] [full text]