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International Telecommunications Policy Review Volume 26, Number 4, 2019
The Circular Causal Relationship between Digital Literacy and Privacy Concerns: Autoregressive Cross-lagged Modeling
Si-jeoung Kim
pages 1-39 [Abstract] [full text]
Knowledge Spillover and R&D Investment of Business Groups
Moony Lee
pages 41-67 [Abstract] [full text]
Factors Affecting Online Users' Interactivity over Television Programs: Comparison of TV, PC and Smartphone Viewing Channels
Hyeonjeong Hwang and Yongsuk Hwang
pages 69-105 [Abstract] [full text]
Firms' Intangible Investment and Employment in Korea:
Hyuk Chung
pages 107-133 [Abstract] [full text]
A Comparative Study of Artificial Intelligence and Regulatory Policies in China, Japan, the EU, the UK and the US
Hye-Sun Yoon
pages 135-176 [Abstract] [full text]