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International Telecommunications Policy Review Volume 27, Number 1, 2020
Negotiation Strategies and Contracts for Zero-Rating between Monopolist Content Providers and Competitive Service Providers
Jeong Wook Byun and Yongjae Kim
pages 1-26 [Abstract] [full text]
Accounting Separation of 5G Services
Byung Min Kang and Hyung Rok Jung
pages 27-54 [Abstract] [full text]
Earnings Management Using the Accounting Rules for
Seunghee Yang
pages 55-88 [Abstract] [full text]
Identifying Maverick Firms and the Anticompetitive Effects of Their Acquisition: The Case of LGU+’s Acquisition of CJ Hello
Sung­Hwan Kim
pages 89-117 [Abstract] [full text]